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Professional Chiropody Clinic

This is providing assessment and treatment of simple foot problems


  • General nail care (nail cut, traumatized thickened nail and fungal nail infection)
  • Reduction of hard skin (callous), Removal of corns and cracked heels.
  • Dry and scaly skin conditions due to Psoriasis/Eczema.
  • Verrucae treatment.


Abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb often presents with a period of signs and symptoms, which can be recognised by practitioner as a single diagnostic entity. Diagnosis and stage of severity of the condition can then be determined by physical examination and diagnostic tests.
Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of any foot or ankle problem due to abnormal foot function, trauma or sports related injuries. Below are the lists of conditions treatable by Podiatrist.

● Bunions and Toe deformities
● Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma or general forefoot pain
● Police Man’s Heel (Heel Pain)
● Plantar fasciitis
● Ankle strain and sprain/shin pain
● Children’s growth foot and ankle problems.